Thursday 30 April 2015

Snatch high pulls 3×3
Snatch balance 3×3
Hang Snatch

10 Minute EMOM Partner Snatch Ladder (2 people per bar).
Each partner performs 2 x snatch every minute on the minute for 10 minutes. Load for the snatch increases every minute by 5kgs after both partners successfully complete their lifts.

For example :
Start minute 1 with 40kgs for the males and 25kgs for Females.
Minute 2 will start with 45 kgs for males and 30 kgs for females.
etc, etc…

Post Load to comments

Penalty Burpees: Failure to make the minute will lead to a penalty of 20 burpees for every minute left in the WOD 🙂

Scale as required

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