Saturday Monster Mash 6 June 2015

10 minute EMOM
Partner Clean and Jerk
Each partner performs 1 Clean and Jerk within the minute, increasing weight after each round.
Continue until 10 minutes is up or until failure.

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Monster Mash WOD’s Sayonara Romulus San!! : 
Teams of 2 complete
2x 100 meter sprint relay
80 Partner sit ups
40 Partner Wall Balls
20 Partner Pushups
2x 100 meter sprint relay

Rest for 10-15 minutes

“Swing Stars” Teams of 2 complete
400m Run
100 KB swings 32/20
75 Box Overs
50 Pull ups
25 Dead Lift 100/40

For Time

One person works to complete reps while other performs max burpees in 1 minute, once the minute is up partners switch places to complete reps.

Time Cap is 20 minutes 🙂

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